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Property Services

Selling your House ?

Moving, death and divorce are commonly considered as some of the most stressful situations to be subjected to. During times like these you should be able to rely on the complete support of your attorney, who will protect your interest and not that of another party. Purchasers and Sellers alike are being referred to attorneys with "special" relationships to estate agents and engaging such attorneys will more often than not result in a cornucopia of unforeseen problems.

The transfer of your property requires expert skills and knowledge which could have far reaching consequences for either the buyer or the seller of property.

Our property services includes the eviction of tenants from rental properties, the collection of outstanding rental, general landlord and tenant issues as well notarial functions such as servitudes etc.

Our Commitment

Baartman & du Plessis Attorneys gained invaluable experience and skill in this field of law during the past two decades. During this time we invested a great deal of resources to develop the infrastructure to serve our client’s every need including an on-site advocate and safe parking facilities.

We are dedicated to our clients cases, committed to their needs and believe that our accessibility is tantamount to our clients needs, and therefore would not hesitate to provide our clients with our cellphone numbers, allow skype consultations or consult with our clients at different locations.

We are situated in a safe environment close to major highways and are easily accessible from any part of Centurion or Pretoria

Registering a New Case

The first step in opening a new case, would be to arrange for a consultation. Simply click on the shortcuts above to call, skype-call or email us.

Remember to have all documents pertaining to your case  available for consultation, failing which, we may be forced to arrange for another consultation at additional costs. Kindly take note that attorneys are reportable institutions in terms of the FICA Act and that we may require proof of your identity and residential address.

During the consultation we will evaluate the merits of your case as well as legal costs and the consequences thereof.

After acceptance of your case, you will be required to complete and sign a written mandate or service level agreement.